Polypropylene carpets, value or not?

Polyprop carpets – Cheap and inferior to wool?

Well, we wouldn’t really call them “cheap” if that description makes you think of a poor quality, bargain basement product. But it’s a fact that many ranges of solution dyed polyprop carpets are very competitively priced for the thickness of the pile and the amount of cover you can obtain for your budget. They also tend to come with robust manufacturers’ warranties due to their exceptional resistance to stains and fading. In effect, you get more carpet for your money.

Myth: Synthetic carpets are best for commercial use, not residential use

This goes back to the days of old-fashioned, harsh feeling nylon carpets. Today’s solution dyed polyprop carpets are nothing like that. As well as offering a huge range of fashionable colours to match trendy décor schemes, modern polyprop carpets are plush and soft. They’re also less likely than wool carpets to cause an allergic reaction, thanks to their lack of organic fibres and easy-clean properties. That’s good news for families everywhere.

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